Over-the-Air (OTA) Performance - 3-D Characterization of Wireless Communication Devices

IMST has a fully automated, certified range for 3-D OTA measurements of mobile devices. The system provides total radiated power (TRP) and total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) measurements. The investigations will be conducted either in free space conditions or in combination with a Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin (SAM) head phantom in order to investigate the user’s influence.

The mobile terminals we test can be cellular or cordless phones (GSM, UMTS, AMPS, PCS, TDMA, CDMA, DECT/WDCT, etc.), PDAs/MDAs, and laptops/notebooks with integrated cellular, Bluetooth, or WLAN cards. More generally, the test setup can be applied to other radio systems, such as wireless data transmission units in the ISM bands (industrial/scientific/medical, 315/433/868/915/2450 MHz), e.g. for remote metering appliances, especially for the optimization of antennas and communication ranges.

  • Shielded Anechoic Chamber: 5 m x 3 m x 3m
  • Frequency Range: 700 MHz to 13 GHz
  • TRP/TIS Measurements
  • Sensitivity Measurements of GPS Receiver
  • Spurious Emissions up to 13 GHz
  • Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) and total radiated power (TRP)
  • Equivalent isotropic sensitivity (EIS) and total isotropic sensitivity (TIS), typically measured at a constant BER, e.g. at 2.4 % for GSM (other conditions are feasible too)
  • Full 2-D/3-D radiation patterns of antennas in realistic environments 
  • Antenna efficiency (AE) parameters

Of special interest for cellular handset suppliers, network operators, and test magazines as well, we offer standardized services during the development and/or manufacturing (monitoring/screening) cycles of a product:
  • Examination of 3-D radiation patterns from radio air interfaces of cellular phones, as well as other end-user equipment, with or without user impact. The measurement phantom is the standardized SAM head model in accordance with the IEEE SCC24 working group specifications. Positioning of the mobile phone is based on EN 62209-1/IEEE 1528 standards.
For the optimization of antennas and wireless communication distances, e.g. in the ISM bands, we offer:
  • 3-D radiation characterization (EIRP, EIS, radiation pattern) of radio air interfaces of wireless radio devices with or without the environmental impact, according to customer-defined/tailored specifications. Our measurement setups allow fast overview measurements or more accurate measurements with an angle resolution down to 0.5° (typically 15°–30°) and a positioning accuracy of ±0.5°. The measurements, with head phantom included or in simulated typical environments, allow us to determine how surroundings will affect your target use situation. This information lets you optimize your product by anticipating real-world conditions and gives you a decisive competitive advantage.