Analysis & Design

Design is carried out in a structured and transparent process. Most design assignments are solved through interdisciplinary development of radio frequency, baseband and software elements. Specifications are strictly documented and kept up-to-date for a successful implementation of the design.

Customers generally provide the requirements and/or most of the specifications. The existing specifications will be reviewed and completed. However, missing specifications will be derived, existing specifications will be reviewed and, finally, a set of specifications will be created. The agreed-upon specifications are the foundation for the further development process.

Based on customer functional, operational and performance requirements, we use the most suitable technologies and tools to comply with the specifications within the budget constraints. Periodic reviews, system verification and validation ensure that the project remains on track.

In many cases simulations are performed and prototypes are built to validate a design via modelling, measurements and functionality tests. IMST has state-of-the-art simulation and implementation tools as well as the required laboratory equipment. These are all integrated under a common development agreement and are available as a comprehensive project infrastructure.