Wave Propagation

Tasks related to wave propagation covered by IMST (blue)
Tailor-made radio channel measurement antenna array in anechoic chamber
“Nature is seldom kind” — With these words W.C. Jakes starts his classic book, Microwave Mobile Communications. In the sequel he connects this statement with the challenges (“... so difficult they challenge the imagination.”) of transmitting information over a radio channel. In the context of mobile communications, the radio channel enables radio communications, but also limits the achievable data rate, system capacity, and quality of speech and data services. To get as close as possible to this limit, digital signal processing coupled with modern digital transmission schemes have to be used extensively and constantly adapted to the ever changing characteristics of the radio channel. The increasing use of MIMO techniques instead of classic SISO transmission is but one example.

Given this complexity, knowledge of wave propagation characterization and modeling is essential for the design of modern mobile communication and radar systems. At IMST, a dedicated group of experts is a resource for clients and IMST engineers who need information on radio channel issues and its impact on the design and performance of wireless communication and radar systems. Our experts consult on measurements, simulations, models, and algorithms.

Elevated antenna position
for out-to-indoor radio channel measurements

Innovative designs of antennas and communication system physical layers require theoretical considerations and simulations side by side with experimental tests. At every stage detailed and intensive knowledge of the characteristics of the radio channel is vital. This knowledge covers both physics and communications, combined with measurement campaigns. Our expertise applies to other areas as well, such as investigating the co-existence of future systems with already existing ones or planning techniques for the efficient and economical use of the spectrum resource.

Example for indoor ray tracing result
We offer:
  • Performing and analyzing radio channel measurements
  • Development of radio channel models for system simulations
  • Wave propagation simulations by ray tracing
  • Development of radar processing algorithms for specific applications
Examples from publicly funded projects:
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
  • UMTS
  • 60 GHz WLAN
  • 17/24 GHz WLAN
  • Galileo
  • Land-mobile Satellite Communications
  • Car-to-Car Communications

Calibrating a dedicated channel sounder prior to a car-to-car wave propagation measurement