Research for People – Services for the Public and Industry

IMST services are not limited to products and devices. The IMST Test Centre provides safety testing for people and installations in electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields as well. We offer the following, grouped by fields of activity:

  • Public Safety: Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic (low-frequency and radiofrequency) fields - 26. BImSchV, etc.
  • Workers Safety: Occupational health and safety in the presence of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in controlled workplace
  • EM Simulation: Computer-based prediction of electromagnetic fields and exposure distribution from different sources and considerations of human safety
  • Expertise: Expert witness testimony on legal and technical matters, including, exposure, measurement and calculation methods, safety precautions, etc.
  • Experimental Setups: Development and maintenance of biomedical research setups, medical devices, with research on the impact and effects of electromagnetic fields